Pneumatic Head Compressor(Hyperfidy / superversion)

Cat. Nr.:ROREC045
Release date:2017-11-15
Label:Rockerill Records / Tandori Records / Attilla Tralala / 666 La Chasse / Aredje / Cheap Satanism
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Régis Masson : Vocal, guitar, programming
Christophe Masson : Vocal, bass, programming

Lyrics, music, recording, mixing and cover art by P.H.C.

Live video by Isabelle Nouzha

Mastered by Alan Ward at Electric City

Thanks to our family, friends, Isabelle Nouzah, Fabrice Lavollay, Denis, Ben and the whole Magain4 team, Cheapsatanism Records, Rockerill Records, Tandori Records, Aredje, Attila Tralala, Urgence Disk, 666 La Chasse

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  1. Just Another
  2. Golden Age Of Darkness
  3. Black Gold/White Goal
  4. Brave New World
  5. Electric Beatification
  6. Feel Fine
  7. A Quiet Rational Choice