Warm Exit (BE)

Established in 2020, Warm Exit is a Post-punk quartet from Brussels, Belgium. Their violently frontal music is anexplosive blend of sonic intensity that sets them apart as one of the country's most electrifying and raucous acts.Drawing inspiration from Krautrock, Punk, and Noise, their relentless rhythmic prowess is a testament to their diverse influences. Channeling the spirit of iconic bands like Wire, Rema Rema, and Pil, Warm Exit ventures into the shadowy realm of post-punk with their upcoming LP untitled Ultra Violence. Here, they seamlessly oscillate between fast and slow tempos, high and low energy levels, and vocals that span from tense whispers to unbridledscreams. This journey takes the listener through a landscape of discordance, haunting groans, evocative spoken word passages, and industrial undertones. Over the past three years, Warm Exit has cultivated a devoted following both locally and internationally, thanks to their electrifying live performances that leave audiences in awe. Carrying the reputation of a striking live band, they are eager to storm the stage at any and every given opportunity.