Duflan DuflanPazuzu, le gardien de ton sexe! (2021 reissue)

Cat. Nr.:ROREC082
Release date:2021-03-08
Label:Rockerill Records / Love Mazout / Attila Tralala / Amertume Records / 666 La Chasse / Urgences Disk Records
Available formats:
This is our first album, originally released as a cd in 2008, reissued as a vinyl in 2021 by Rockerill Records !!!!!!!
It was recorded in a dark and cold factory in Charleroi (Belgium).
Supported by Rockerill Records, Attila Tralala, Amertume Records, La chasse 666, Urgence Disk et Love Mazout.
Music lyrics and artwork by ¡ Duflan Duflan !
Recorded by Steve Dujacquier (2008)
Remastered by Hubert Monroy (2021)
Photo : Chicorea


  1. The imperceptible border between obstinacy and stupidity
  2. La Figa Electronica
  3. Eieraufstrich
  4. Dancing Apollo 666
  5. Numéro 5
  6. A Winter in Stella-Plage
  7. Pussy
  8. Do the dead fly dance