Attic TedParade Dust Mischief

Cat. Nr.:ROREC059
Release date:2019-06-10
Label:Degelite / Jelodanti Records / Pop Record Store / Gurdulu / Sacred Hood / Rockerill Records / Le Mat / L'Austral / 2000 Records / Attila Tralala / Love Mazout / The Performance Bar / One + One / KaKaKids / 1000 Balles Records / Burning Sound Records / Matt Konture / Cafe Libre / ReTramp / El Audio Plant / Kradhalle / What We Do / Commence Par Maman
Available formats:

Euro Re-Issue (650 White LPs - Spring 2019)

Produced/engineered by Paul D. Millar at BUG SOUND & Space Ocean, Austin, Tx.  Recorded on 16-track analog tape w/out computers.

Attic Ted and Virginia Black were created by Grady Roper (vocals, organ, guitar, clarinet, noises).  These songs include: Coby Cardosa on drums.  Sam Sayre VanDelinder on harmonica, celery, various uncertain floppy language masters, Korg MS 20, endless cassettes, synthesizers, superficial broken water pipe simulators. James Roo, Wade Driver, and Paul D. Millar on guitars.  Karl Kummerle on fiddle.

Please and Thank You to Chad Hopper for inventing the album title, Parade Dust Mischief... Cover Art by James Roo... Originally released in USA by Pecan Crazy Records (500 LPs pressed 2016 & 500 more 2018).  

  1. Next Time
  2. Fool's Errand
  3. Why Even Try
  4. Take Me Back To Tulsa
  5. So It Goes
  6. Down On The Farm
  7. Batman
  8. Unprotected Sex