Cat. Nr.:ROREC051
Release date:2018-05-05
Label:Rockerill Records / Urgence Disk / Anarchino Records / Impur Musik
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Recorded by Spanked At La Malate
and Steph at Studio Des Prairies - Besançon
Mix & Mastering by Thomas Fournier
Draw by Laura Streit
Picture by Melune
Screen print by Eststatique /
hanks to: Mothers, Rockerill Records, Urgence Disk, Anarchino Records, Jean-Luc, Nikita, Flo Impure, Impure Floyd, Les Passagers Du Zinc, Le Bastion, Steph des Gantz, Atypeek Music, Stephen O'Maltine, Corbac, Roro, Laura Streit, Duts, Pipette, Thomas Fournier....

  1. Watch you
  2. Merry-go-arounds
  3. We complain
  4. Wade
  5. Anomaly
  6. Wealth
  7. W
  8. Where I go
  9. World is home
  10. When we fuck on the lawn
  11. Words and noise