» Pure (BE)
 » Miss Tetanos (Und) Sri.Fa feat Stephen O'Maltine (BE)
 » Spagguetta Orghasmmond (AG/BE)
 » Le Prince Harry (BE)
 » Phoenician Drive (BE)
 » Rraouhhh! (BE/FR)
 » Sects Tape (BE)
 » The Poneymen (BE)
 » Bayacomputer (BE)
 » Pneumatic Head Compressor (BE)
 » La Jungle (BE)
 » Unik Ubik (BE)
 » Guili Guili Goulag (BE/FR)
 » Vladimir Platine (BE)
 » Deadline (BE)
 » Petula Clarck (BE)
 » Jean D.L. & Sandrine Verstraete (BE)
 » Master Master Wait (FR)
 » Le Volcan (BE)
 » Anton Levski (BE)
 » The Scrap Dealers (BE)
 » Duflan Duflan (BE)
 » x25x (FR)
 » Tache (BE)
 » Saco & Van Zetti (BE/IT)
 » Maria Goretti Quartet (BE)
 » Miss Tetanos (Und) Sri.Fa (BE)
 » Josie Duflan et les Ponettes Sauvages (BE)
 » Solar Skeletons (BE)
 » Driving Dead Girl (BE)


 » FRIDAY 15.12.2017
@ Le Secteur 42, Lodelinsart (BE - 6042)
CONCERT: Miss Tetanos (Und) Sri.Fa feat Stephen O'Maltine (BE) + Guili Guili Goulag (BE/FR) + The Poneymen (BE)
 » SATURDAY 13.01.2018
@ KulturA, Liege (BE - 4020)
CONCERT: Violence Conjugale (FR) + Bayacomputer (BE)
 » SUNDAY 14.01.2018
@ Do It Yourself, Lille (FR - 59000)
CONCERT: Bayacomputer (BE) + Violence Conjugale (FR)
 » SATURDAY 17.02.2018
@ Botanique, Bruxelles (BE - 1000)
CONCERT: Romano Nervoso (BE) + Spagguetta Orghasmmond (AG/BE) PERFOS MUSIC: Gouda (BE)
 » FRIDAY 09.03.2018
@ Barlok, Bruxelles (BE - 1000)
CONCERT: Bayacomputer (BE)
 » SUNDAY 11.03.2018
@ The Pit's, Courtrai (BE - 8500)
CONCERT: Bayacomputer (BE)
 » THURSDAY 15.03.2018
@ Alte Volksbad, Mannheim (DE - 68161)
CONCERT: Miss Tetanos (Und) Sri.Fa feat Stephen O'Maltine (BE)
 » FRIDAY 16.03.2018
@ Leipzig, Leipzig (DE - 04003–04357)
CONCERT: Miss Tetanos (Und) Sri.Fa feat Stephen O'Maltine (BE)
 » (previously announced on SUNDAY 18.03.2018)
SATURDAY 17.03.2018
@ Kopi, Berlin-Mitte (DE - 10179)
CONCERT: Miss Tetanos (Und) Sri.Fa feat Stephen O'Maltine (BE)

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SOLAR SKELETONS (BE) Indus / Noise / Experimental
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The archangels of the sun, masters on earth, are here to guide humanity to her final redemption and finish the work of heliogabalus and his gang, venerating the almighty monolith in order to penetrate the black sun. Phallus suprematicus! To achieve their mission they've chosen the musical weapon without any limit of genre to bring as many humans as possible to understand the solar message. Pagan Gospel Black Metal, Minimal Ex-Stasi Techno, Death Blues, Bakery Doom, Lofi Abomination, Disco Zombie and much more are some of the identity they can assume, systematically backed by submersive videos. They collaborate regularly with numerous other messengers like for example:
Steve Mackay (The Stooges), Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges), Marshall Allen (Sun-Ra Arkestra), 1997EV, Cochlea, Sikhara, Otto Von Schirasch, Error and a lot more......
They released several vinyls, cd's, net releases on many labels: Night On Earth, Radon Uropa, Just Another Winter, Aïnu, Bruits de Fond, Produck, and many more....


Rockerill Production - Rockerill Records
Rue de la Providence, 136 - 6030 Marchienne-au-Pont